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December Geo-Institute Meeting

posted Nov 15, 2017, 9:20 AM by Carrie Nicholson   [ updated Nov 21, 2017, 9:00 AM ]
Please join the Maryland Geo-Institute for its December meeting with 
 speaker Bill Billiet, P.E. with Schnabel Engineering, on
 the drilled shaft load testing program for a WMATA Metrorail project.

 Date and Schedule
 Wednesday, December 6, 2017
 5:30 pm Cocktails (cash bar) 
 6:30 pm Dinner 
 7:00 pm Presentation 
The Engineer’s Club 
11 W Mount Vernon Place 
Baltimore, Maryland 
$45 per person / $15 students 
Credit Card Payments Only – details below 

 Presentation Notes

The Dulles Silver Line Phase II (DSP2) is an 11.4 mile extension of the Washington Area Metro Transit Authority’s Silver line. The three miles of elevated guideway lies within the Culpeper Fault Basin, a geologic feature within the Piedmont Region that was formed during the Triassic Geologic Age.  

Very large lateral loads are produced along the guideway by transit braking, rail temperature, and centrifugal forces on curves. These lateral loads produce large moments at the foundation level due to the height of the guideway. An evaluation of various foundation systems was performed and mono-drilled shafts, socketed into rock, were selected to provide the most economical support of the aerial guideway. Vertical loads are resisted by side friction and end bearing in the rock socket, while moments and lateral loads are resisted by the stiffness of the shaft and the rock socket. The large lateral loads and moments produce very large shear forces in the shafts at the rock interface.  

A load testing program consisting of, three O-cell axial load tests and three lateral load tests were performed on test shafts instrumented with strain gauges, extensometers, and inclinometers. The challenge in developing the load testing program was how to reproduce the effects of the extremely high design loads along the test shafts, considering the practical limitations of the load test equipment. The process of developing and executing the load tests, and analyzing the test results will be discussed.

Bill Billiet, P.E., is an Associate Engineer with Schnabel Engineering.

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